Ashnikko Experience

Warner Music x Ashnikko

Artist Ashnikko teams up with deep tech platform Anything World to create a new type of Augmented Reality exploration experience.

Enter the Ashnikko Experience

With the Ashnikko Experience, users now have the opportunity to accompany her on an exciting AR exploratory trip. As a controllable hi-res avatar, Ashnikko goes on a treasure hunt in a virtual 3D world. Players of the browser-based AR game can customize Ashnikko's outfit and subsequently explore an immersive world to collect magical objects and win exclusive content in multiple levels.

It’s a browser based Augmented Reality game optimised for mobile

Anything World crafted the digital experience in collaboration with Ashnikko, Warner Music Germany, Warner Music’s inhouse digital and creative tech team Firepit Technology and Parlophone Records, based on one of Ashnikko’s videos. Ashnikko herself recorded the situational audio commentary that guides players through the worlds, and the game also features her music. 

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